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A reader writes...

When meeting refugees in war torn Croatia, little did I realise that, in a
few short years I would join the burgeoning ranks of Britons, fleeing to France,
forced out of their homeland by property prices (ie the direct fruit of money
laundering out of corruption on a massive scale).

I have spoken to hundreds of small to middle income earners - yes, people who
still have to pay for their prescriptions - terrorised out of the homes they
they worked hard to pay for - Now having to buy a (hopefully) peaceful new
home in rural France.

Who speaks for them? UNRRA!!! - NO it should be this site.

Write here and SPEAK OUT



What was the figure that was being kicked around a couple of months ago - 30% of the UKs middle class want to leave the country?? Whilst I include myself in that figure.... moving to France??? If you are worried about taxes, not the place to be going?

"They think good girls, they like games in the dark,
& all they need is that special spark,
but, look what the b******s did to Joan of Arc,
thats why I hate the French,
that why I hate the French."

Err, in which bizarre parallel universe is the house price boom the fruit of money-laundering and corruption?

I'm pretty sure the one in my universe is the fruit of changing demographics that mean more single-person households, coupled with crazy NIMBY planning laws that make it near-impossible to increase the number of houses in places where people want to live.

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