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Water under the Bridge

Excuse me commenting on US politics but I noticed this:

BostonHerald.com - DNC 2004 Coverage: Teresa's Ted K tirade

Teresa Heinz Kerry, years before becoming a Democrat, railed against the party's ``putrid'' politics, said she didn't trust Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and angrily called the liberal lion a ``perfect bastard.''

Kennedy's office dismissed the comments as water under the bridge and said the two get along famously now

Well if anyone knows about "water under the bridge" it would be Teddy Kennedy, pity Mary Jo Kopechne can't be with us to back him up...


Please can you refer to earth and fire in the headlines of your next two posts?

The funny thing is, it's not the first time Kennedy's spokesmen have used that particular term.

You would think that, by now, an order would have come from on high to nix the water mataphors.

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