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Where is a Daisycutter when you need one

As Plastic Gangster says:

And they say you only ever see bad news these days...

Joe Cahill is dead. At the ripe old age of 84. One can't help but feel that his being found face down in a ditch with a bullet in his head and his arse on fire, preferably a few decades ago, would have been a more satisfactory passing, but hey, dead's dead.

Other media has been kinder to him and the thousands that turned up for the funeral. Even the Irish media is less fawning than the BBC, for instance; Corks 96fm
A former Irish Prime Minister provoked outrage tonight after he lavished praise on the man who helped direct the IRA's 30 year campaign of bloodshed in Britain and Ireland.


Plasy Gangster paints a lovely picture does he not?

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