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From EU Referendum Blog

Telegraph readers will have already noted this morning's story headed "Heath was ready to give Madrid sovereignty over the Rock", detailing how Ted Heath's Tory government was in 1973 prepared to hand Gibraltar over to the Spanish in a deal with General Franco's regime.

But what is really chilling about the story -if the betrayal of the Gibraltarians is not enough - is the blithe assumption at the time that, within ten years, the European Community would have become a "political and defence union". That was certainly the hope expressed by Alan Goodison, head of the Foreign Office's southern European department, who wrote as much in a note to then foreign minister Julian Amery.

This was seen as the ultimate resolution to the Gibraltar problem, with Goodison opining, "We hope that within 10 years the European Community will become a political and defence union. When that time comes Gibraltar will be neither British nor Spanish. It will be European."

Can anyone explain to me why Traitor Heath's head is not decorating a spike on the Tower of London yet?


The UK government has asked the electorate to engage with politics over recent months; you know, by running those 'politics is everything' ads on the TV.

The thing is, though, the more one engages with politics and politicians the more one realises how dirty, filthy and poisonous for the soul the whole thing really is.

Stories like this, shockingly, are no longer a surprise.

Ted Heath in traitorous scumbag shocker!
Agree with Tim, Heath should currently be having his eyes pecked out by ravens. Once that's done we might think about killing the bastard.

We seem to have forgotten what constitutes treachery in this country. Lying to Parliament and the People apparently no longer counts as a wrongfull act. WHY?

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