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Happy 300th

Spain says British occupation of Gibraltar a blot on the EU

Spain accused Britain of clinging to its imperial past to the detriment of good relations with its EU partner as the Royal Navy prepared to celebrate three centuries of British rule over Gibraltar.

"It is strange in the 21st century that the military occupation of part of one member state by another should be commemorated within the European Union," Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said in an article published by the daily El Pais.

Wednesday is the 300th anniversary of the capture by British forces of a tiny peninsula on the southern coast of Spain dominated by a 408-metre (1,326-foot) peak overlooking a narrow strait separating Europe from North Africa.

Blot on I say and "vete a la mierda y la axila melenuda de su madre" (I think).


How much respect does a country deserve when it effectively votes for Al Queda, just a few days after a terrorist outrage that kills hundreds.

The danger to the Gibaltarians doesn't come from a Spanish government with only a rudimentary understanding of the concept of popular government, it comes from a spineless British government of either party.

This Fark Thread is a lot of fun.

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