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Statistics on the English vote

Careful analysis of the 2004 Euro English results shows a staggering 3,000 % increase in ‘English’ vote between 1999 and 2004 in the European Elections

In 1999 the ‘English’ vote of was as follows

English Independent Humanist Party 1,049 & (North West)

EDP English Freedom Party 3,066 (West Midlands)

Total = 4,115 Votes

In 2004 English Democrats in the North West achieved 34,110

Representing an increase in the North West of 3,251 % increase in the ‘English’ vote

Across Five English Regions the English Democrats picked up in 2004 130,056 votes

Thus representing an increase of 3,160 %

With the same increase in 2009 the English Democrats are on target to pick up

4,109,769 Votes!

Only 200,000 votes behind the Conservatives 2004 total

Food for thought...

Thanks Steven!


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