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Some more equal than others

BBC NEWS | England | Bristol | 'No whites' ad may be unlawful

A job advertisement by an art centre -
"The post is only open to African, Asian and Caribbean curators based in England." -
which excluded white candidates could be unlawful, it has been claimed.
A Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) inquiry found the advert for a curator's assistant at the Arnolfini in Bristol may break race relation laws.

Notice the weasel words and excuses in the whole post, and this is after they held an inquiry to consider it.. How long do you think it would take them to quite rightly condemn an advert that said "The post is only open to Anglo-saxon, Celtic and Norman curators based in England."?


No great suprise, doesn't make me spit any less feathers though.

ah, any colour but white ... because we are all racist bigots!! I love it

Take heart, it says it may break race relations laws. It may not. There's some wiggle room. It might turn out to be just fine and dandy.

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