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Edwards - unsuited for the big job?

I'm not an American and I'm not a Republican so in a way it is none of my business. But it does mean I can raise an issue that they can't. In looking at Sen Edwards life and reading his account of that awful time when he lost his son "Edwards' life:
Sixteen-year-old Wade Edwards was killed in April 1996 when he lost control of the Jeep he was driving from his home in Raleigh to the family's beach house near Wilmington, N.C. Grief-stricken, Edwards withdrew from his practice for six months.
" it struck me that this doesn't sound like a man fitted for Presidency, or Vice-Presidency.
I have friends who have lost teenage children, my own oldest boy is 16, I nearly lost him once in a serious accident, so my sympathy for Edwards is complete. But if you read the full account - not online that I can find - it sounds like he came very close to a nervous breakdown. He stopped work for six months, friends had to come round to "put him to bed" and so on. There is nothing wrong in being literally grief stricken and I think no worse of him as a person for that. But being a President and Commander in Chief requires exceptional talents and aptitudes. And one of them has to be a certain coldness and hardness of heart. His reaction to his son's death is symptomatic of what might be called the emotional incontinence of modern society. Diana's death caused an outbreak of it in the UK.
"Shit happens, kids die, cope with it, stiff upper lip" is not the creed now, but maybe it needs to be for Commanders. So do you think Edwards could order Eighteen Year Olds into battle in the knowledge that some will die? Or would he dither?
I think he would be a dangerous ditherer.

And whilst I'm having a go at US politics; what was going on in Kerry's advisers minds when they made Vietnam the bedrock of his campaign?
1)War heroes don't win votes - Bush senior lost to Clinton, Churchill himself lost after the war.
2)And if you want to play the Hero you should make sure your story is unchallenged. They knew there were many Vets with a grudge against him, and those grudges were going to be aired.
Or is it really that in twenty years in the Senate he has done nothing they can brag about?
Maybe it is just a British attitude, most ex service people I know would rather admit to cross dressing and sleeping with goats than reveal their rank or mention their exploits. And if you ask them directly the most you would get is that "things were a bit hairy at times". Kerry's GI Joe performance would have merely caused laughter..


I knew that Edwards had lost a child. I was not aware of the details that you provided nor that he reacted that way. It must be a devastating thing, but you are correct, this cannot be tolerated in a leader.

You are also correct about Kerry. He has made it the foundation of his campaign and it's being picked apart daily. The latest is the "Christmas in Cambodia" story that is patently false. He has claimed, on the floor of the Senate and in newspaper articles, that Nixon had him secretly in Cambodia over Christmas of 1968 when Nixon wasn't inaugurated till the following month, January 1969.

Let's see how he handles this. Stand by for severe spinning, counter charges and lies.

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