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More German Jokes

An Englishman's Castle: JOKES FROM GERMANY is the most popular post I have ever done! - and recently some kind Germans have been contributing some Jokes, for instance:

Ein Mann kauft sich Viagra-Tabletten.

Kommt sein Papagei und frißt sie alle auf.

Sagt der Mann:
"Oh Gott, oh Gott, was mach ich bloß?.... Ab in die Tiefkühltruhe, damit er sich wieder abkühlen kann!!!!"

Stunden später erinnert er sich endlich an seinen armen Papagei in der Tiefkühltruhe, öffnet sie und findet seinen Papagei vor, schweißgebadet...

"Was ist denn mit Dir los? Wieso schwitzt Du so? Du bist seit

Stunden in der Truhe!!!!"

Sagt der Papagei:
"Was meinst Du, wie anstrengend es ist, den tiefgefrorenen Hühnern die Schenkel auseinander zu biegen!"

Which translates as:

A man buys Viagra tablets. Its parrot comes and eats it all up. The man says: "Oh God, oh God, which Mach I only?.... Off into the deep-freeze, so that it knows itself again cooling!!!!" Later it reminds, opens hours finally of its poor parrot in the deep-freeze it and finds its parrot, weldingbathed... "is the matter with you what? Why sweat does you in such a way? You are for hours in the chest!!!!" The parrot says: "which you mean, like it are arduous to bend to the frozen chickens the thighs apart!"

Very Gud! Ja.


Please, try this translation:

A man buys some Viagra tables for himself, but
his parrot comes and eats them all up.

"My God, my God, What am I gonna do?" ... Into
the freezer with him so he can cool off again.

Hours later the guy remembers he left the poor
parrot in the freezer. He opens the freezer and
finds the parrot bathed in sweat.

"What's the matter with you? Why are you
sweating?", the guy asks, "You've been in the
freezer for hours!!!"

Says the parrot, "Wadda ya mean? Do you know
hard it is to spread a frozen hen's legs?"

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