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"Normal Response"

BBC NEWS | England | Lincolnshire | Murder victims reported prowler

A couple shot dead in their seaside bungalow had called police to report a prowler just hours before their bodies were found, detectives have revealed.

A police spokesman said: "Mrs Stirland spoke to an officer in Nottinghamshire just before 2pm on Sunday, saying that her neighbour had seen a man hanging around the house the previous evening.
"..she emphasised that she ... asked for a normal response to a prowler incident.

And what exactly is the "normal response" if it can't prevent the elderly couple getting blasted to death? Probably some junior plod cruising past when he can be bothered, but don't try and defend yourself, Plod is here to do that, or at least having a cup of tea and Jammy Dodger as he fills in yet another form fifteen miles away in the nearest open Police Station Canteen.


surely you are rattling the tree too hard ? you say yourself that the couple only asked for a normal response to their alert ..so it only seems right that the police, assuming that they had no knowledge of the earlier events in Nottingham, would merely take whatever action is deemed appropriate for the type of call received ?


"They called police to tell them a prowler had been spotted outside their home.

Lincolnshire Police, aware of the earlier attack, took seven hours to visit the couple.

When officers arrived at 2124 BST on Sunday they discovered the bodies of Mr and Mrs Stirland."

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