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New Bunny on the block

Interesting new blog form an academic who know his arse from his elbow: Blithering Bunny

I will read with interest - we have fighting bunnies down here in wiltshire - this was the local headlines today:

Rabbit starts blaze

A RABBIT set on fire under a bonfire at Devizes Cricket Club, may have had his revenge after taking refuge under the club's groundsman's hut, setting it ablaze.
"A volunteer was burning branches that had come down in the recent high winds and poured paraffin over it to start it burning.
"Suddenly, this rabbit shot out, on fire. It must have had paraffin poured over it and caught fire at the same time. We ran to see where it had got to but couldn't find it.
"We can only imagine that it disappeared down a hole beside the hut because, shortly afterwards, the hut started burning.
"The fire started in the far left-hand corner of the hut but it spread to the whole hut in a few minutes. There was no chance of getting anything out."
Devizes fire station commander Pip Flowers said he had never heard of such an incident before.
He said: "It's very sad for the rabbit."

Of course I am on the Bunnies side as it was one of my ancestors who by a lot of hard work and skill won the prize and medal for successfully getting a breeding pair of Rabbits to Australia.


Really? What was his name?

Anyone else suspecting an impending insurance claim?

It was from the Watts side of the family, should I declare it on my next visit to OZ?

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