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No Bias here

BBC NEWS - Search Results For swift boats veterans

There are no pages about "swift boats veterans" from BBC News .

Compared to say:

BBC NEWS - Search Results For Bush lies

Your 272 search results for "Bush lies"...


When I hit the first of Tim's 'Bush lies' links I got http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3536736.stm. It isn't about honesty, but asks where the role of a presidential candidate's child lies given Kerry's children's profile. 'Bush never lies' gets 129 results; 'Bush future lies in success' gets 51.

'Love Bush' gets 248, but 'love Kerry' only 48. ‘Bush to win’ gets a massive 1,150, but ‘Kerry to win’ gets just 123.

So, by Tim's measure the BBC loves Bush more than it loves Kerry and its support for Bush is overwhelming. What nonsense.

Maybe there are no swift boat veterans. (something I've suspected all along) It was all hollywood movie magic cooked up for Martin Sheen's very disturbing 'Apocolypse Now'

My point was that there was NO mention of the swift boats veterans. Now I know the blogosphere is not the same as the real world but dead tree media is starting to pick up the story. Bush Lies was just a phrase to get an idea of how extensive the US election coverage was.

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