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Glorious Twelth

Doctor Curmudgeon & Co.
points ou that he BBC claims that global warming is killing grouse, and deep-sixing the "Glorious Twelfth."

The Countryside Alliance reports "A good, but not record breaking, grouse shooting season is expected to get underway today. The Moorland Association reports that during April and May exceptionally dry, warm weather gave most moorland managers and owners reason to be optimistic. But newly hatched chicks had to endure unseasonably cold air temperatures with frequent heavy downpours of rain for much of June. In a few localised areas, the vulnerable young of ground nesting birds were pelted with hailstones causing survival rates to drop.

Despite the roller-coaster of fortunes, most grouse moors in England, following favourable recent 'grouse counts', will sustain shooting this year with moderate to good bags expected - but overall down by 10-20% on last year."
Heretics - no mention of Global Warming or blaming 4x4 drivers...


Good Afternoon,

I am interested in recieving more information about The Glorious Twelth.
Could you also specify the actual dates in which this event takes place, and also it's location.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Chloe Todd

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