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Devolved NHS - again

BBC NEWS | Wales | Welsh NHS 'worse since devolution'

Parts of the health service in Wales, including waiting lists, have got worse since devolution... but don't worry because Welsh Health Minister, Jane Hutt, is in charge "we've got health inequalities, that has to be at the front of my agenda."
No Dear, making ill people better is what you should be concentrating on, or is that what "health ineqaulities" are; "Sorry I can't come in top work today I have a stinking health inequalituy". What is the Welsh for Prat?


Another misunderstanding on your part, Tim.

Making ill people better should indeed be the aim of a health ministry. But you forget that resources are finite and itís the job of government to decide how much resource to make available and of the minister to decide priorities. This minister has recognised that illness does not spread evenly across the principality and has made it her aim to prioritise spending that irons out inequality.

If you donít share that agenda, thatís fair enough. But itís disappointing so see you fail to put forward an alternative (though the Telegraph tells me this is the opportunistic Tory style). The English for prat will do nicely.

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