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The future is vege...

The BBC reports:

Hungry world 'must eat less meat'

World water supplies will not be enough for our descendants to enjoy the sort of diet the West eats now, experts say.
The World Water Week in Stockholm will be told the growth in demand for meat and dairy products is unsustainable

whereas the same debate and arguments delivered at a UN development summit in New York in April said the same but also pushed GM crops to conserve water. I wonder why the BBC prefered to try and turn us Vege rather than suggest that GM crops and technology might be the answer?


Isn't their timing wonderful?

Was it Al Gore who was pontificating about some stupid global "warming" scare last winter, on the coldest day New York had experienced for decades?

Water shortages will only come about if governments take over the organisation of the supply.

What's that? They already have? Oh well then...

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