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Big Brother cometh

Worries about "Big Brother" government is usually seen as an obsession of the paranoid and geeks -so it is interesting to see today's main headline on The Times - Newspaper Edition

Beware rise of Big Brother state, warns data watchdog

BRITAIN'S information watchdog gives warning today that the country risks "sleepwalking into a surveillance society" because of government plans for identity cards and a population register.
Richard Thomas, the Information Commissioner, says that there is a growing danger of East German Stasi-style snooping if the State gathers too much information about individual citizens.

He singles out three projects that he believes are of particular concern. They are David Blunkett's identity card scheme; a separate population register planned by the Office for National Statistics; and proposals for a database of every child from birth to the age of 18.

- As I publish that under related news this comes up..
Woman named in Blunkett 'affair'

The woman alleged to be having an affair with the Home Secretary has been named in The Sun newspaper as Kimberly Fortier, the publisher of The Spectator magazine. Mr Blunkett has refused to discuss the claims, insisting that his private life has no bearing on the way he carries out his duties. American-born Ms Fortier, who is in her early forties, is married to Stephen Quinn, who is also in magazine publishing. Ms Fortier has one child.

Oh, so he is now a fan of privacy is he....


That might explain why the Speccie seems to have gone downhill lately.
We've also got Rod schtupping the secretary, there's rumours about Boris and Petronella, now the publisher and Blunkett. I think I preferred the mag when they all got drunk instead.

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