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Take that spammers

MT-Blacklist v2.0e released!

Great - I think it should now be working on this blog, a small problem installing but so what it is an emergency release to deal with spammers. Thanks Jay, I have dropped a tip in the box!

No time to blog today as despamming takes precedence, but please try commenting to check it works.


Please let me know how easy or hard it is to install. One of the reasons I quit MT was because the Blacklist was too geeky for my simple mind to install, and I got rather impatient with the instructions, which said "first, you start off with MS DOS..." Do you know when was the last time I used DOS?

I dont remember when!!!

Anyway, if MT Blacklist is easier to deal with, then I may go back to it for blogging. I am wanting to use it to set up an e-zine.

It wasn't too bad or too easy, I had a problem still unresolved. Anyway my advice would be to wait fro MT next release where the plugin should be built in. And then it should be easy.

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