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Fox hunting

Just checking on Tony's plan to use the introduction of a fox hunting ban as a sop to the labour Loyalists this autumn I came across this:
Scotsman.com News - Latest News - Hunter 'Mistook Wildlife Watcher for Fox'

A badger spotter was left fighting for his life after a hunter mistook his night vision goggles for a fox's eyes and shot him in the chest, a court heard today.

Conservationist Trevor Lawson spent two days in intensive care and had to have a lung removed after being shot while out watching wildlife on farmland in April last year.

Anthony Burns, 52, fired a high-powered hunting rifle after a friend's red filter lamp picked up what appeared to be a "massive set of eyes".

Well that is another good reason for keeping fox hunting, in crowded England it is saferto use hounds rather than "high powered hunting rifles" (unless, of course, you are Mr FM obviously).


Are you saying that the House of Commons will spend even more time on the great National Debate on fox hunting?

All those luxureating 650 MPs sitting there and looking solemn while pontificating on the greatest non-issue of our time. Each one apparently claiming 2000 per week just for expenses. Serried ranks of New Labour back bench cannon fodder stuck in the time warp of early 20th Century socialist politics (era of Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot); cauldrons of Blair's babes festering away in their nightmareish anti-male mode. Has anyone any idea how much time these sad creatures have wasted so far on this nonsense?

Is fox-hunting not an issue that can be left alone? Apparantly Lord Salisbury said that governments should do nothing because anything they do ends in disaster. Education, health, law and order, currently prove him right.

Now seems the right time to cull MPs. Could we not save huge amounts of tax money by reducing the size of the Commons to 250 MPs? There is no downside to this proposal. A further downsizing could be considered at a later date.

A further point of interest: the victim is a contributor to the Grauniad, according to today's Torygraph.

Eh? Don't they know that hunters do not shoot foxes?
They guy wasn't a hunter, he was either a lamper or a poacher, neither of whom will be affected by our Tone's ban on hunting. Blimey.

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