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Let off

BBC NEWS | England | Lancashire | Man commits sex act on cenotaph

A man who desecrated a cenotaph in Blackpool on the day marking the 90th anniversary of the start of World War I, has escaped a jail sentence.

Iraqi Harkan Amin, 32, a failed asylum seeker from Oldham, Greater Manchester, admitted outraging public decency by behaving in an indecent manner.

The Royal British Legion and Russian Convoy Association had laid wreaths which were ruined after the sex act.

Amin was unable to pay the 2,000 fine imposed at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

He was ordered to spend one day in prison in lieu of payment, but as he had already been in custody for two weeks he was released immediately on Thursday.

Amin was spotted on CCTV leaning against the cenotaph eating chips.

He then performed a sex act, wiped his hands on wreaths, continued eating his chips and walked off.

Amin came to the UK in April 2002 but has been refused asylum seven times.

WTF is going on? I'm not sure I can think of an appropriate punishment but a fine which he can't pay so he just walks free doesn't seem right. My suggestions wouls probably upset those of a more delicate sensibility. And I'm not sure I understand why an ayslum seeker who has been refused SEVEN times is still walking around the streets. Oh, is it he is seeking ayslum FROM Oldham, which is how the BBC has written it?

Final thought - imagine if an American soldier had been filmed beating himself off against a Mosque in Iraq and cleaning his fingers on a Koran, what would the headlines have been?


Somebody ought to pay a visit to Iraqi Harkan Amin, 32, the failed asylum seeker from Oldham, Greater Manchester.

It's the seven times failed asylum seeker aspect which gets me, as well. I am an American who was married to an Englishman and lived in London for eleven years. I gave birth to two children there, both of whom have dual citizenship. I went through untold hoops to get into the UK and stay there, even though I was sponsored by my then fiance, who was a born and raised Brit. During the entire eleven years I lived there, every time we left the country and returned, I had to go stand in the two hour foreigner queue at the customs check in and wait for my husband, who had zipped through in one of the British queues, to point me out to an official so that I could be pulled from the queue. Even having had the children, that never changed.

Sadly, the marriage went the way of "these things happen", and I brought the kids to Florida. Two years to the day after I left, I lost my "unlimited leave to remain" status and am reduced to the tourist visa; I will now have to rely on my kids to point me out and pull me free.

No quarter was ever shown to me nor ever will be, but this pig, having been turned down for asylum seven bloody times, has been stumbling round the North, doubtless collecting benefits and antagonisin' the neighbourhood, for two years. Nice.

As to your last question, you know what the answer is as well as anyone who reads your blog does. Front page pictures and condemnations round the clock. It's that annoying leftie bent of holding Third Worlders to a lower standard. The unspoken mentality is: they're only ignorant wogs, what do you expect? It's blatant paternalism and racism, but no matter how many times that fact if pointed out, lefties just blink and continue their moronic, hypocritical double standard, unabashed.

I do love the way that the Beeb describe him as from Oldham. I wonder where in Iraq he is from. I some how doubt he is a kurd.

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