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Robber Brown

It struck me that Inheritance tax is not a tax on the rich, it is a tax on the senile.
Inheritance Tax Planning is a whole industry and "the rich" ensure that they use it. From personal observation the people who get caught out in leaving the Chancellor great chunks of money tend to be little old ladies who are no longer the sharpest knife in the drawer. They don't realise they could do something about it, they aren't worried about talking about death, quite pragmatic about it, but they are lost in the world of tax. This maybe for many reasons but senility - Alzheimer's etc has something to do with it.

Here's a suggestion for the Tories: campaign to "Stop taxing sick old people" - if you can't bring yourself to campaign to scrap inheritance tax, campaign to bring in a clause that allows executors to apply retrospective Inheritance Tax Planning on any estate where the deceased suffered mental frailty in the year before death.
i.e. When Aunt Maud, who was as nutty as a Fruit Cake dies, you as executor can go the tax office and say. "Old Maudie wasn't well enough to make proper arrangements and so it is unfair you take her money. She would have given all her grandchildren "x" pounds tax free, done "this" with the family house and "that" with her shares. Consider this is what she did do and now let us see what tax is due."


Oh come on Tim, that's common sense. The current set of Tories will never do it.

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