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LLoyds bank can piss off

Lloyds bank have just sent me a letter asking me to prove who I am so I can continue to be a signatory of the Parish Council bank account. Something I have been for many years.

My reply;

Unintelligable signature
Bounmouth DBC
Lloyds TSB Bank plc
PO Box 1050
SO 14 2GQ

Re "Account name"

Dear Sir or Madam.

I知 in receipt of what appears to be a forged letter claiming to come from yourselves. The signature is a mere scrawl and pp Business Manager. Which is obviously not the practice of a top financial institution.

I therefore enclose the documents as sent.

I have a strong anti-bullshit policy in place and if anyone thinks I知 going to entertain the ridiculous requirements of the letter in the bizarre chance they are genuine then they can think again.

Yours Sincerely


Good for you.
I closed my Lloyds account because they stopped me phoning my branch and made me use call centres. Then they outsourced call centres to India.
Oh, and they wouldn't lend me cash to start my business either. Bastards.
Sadly though, the laundering bollocks is down to the government. Probably the EU!

It could be possible it is forged by a scammer seeking to obtain your personal information in order to steal your identity...in which case, you did well by sending the letter to the bank. They are probably not aware that someone is trying hack into your information. Its been happening here in the States quite frequently.

I used Lloyds for 15 years or so (Barclays were my first) and I've got to admit... they're not bad. Obviously all banks are bastards but I'd put LLoyds lower down the list. I recently transferred some money from Lloyds to another country at the amount went out fine and then the charges were put on, putting me 20 quid OD and so they hit me with a 35 quid fine. I pleaded unfairness and got the cash back. And then closed the account down because I don't like jumping through hoops for an debit that frankly I should have been advised of prior to its happening.

Have you seen the website pissedoffwiththe banks.com. We are attracting comments fromanyone who have been pissed off with the banks so individual consumers can have a say.


hi lloydstsb are bastards and i'm taking them to court for there charges i would not recommed them to any one it only costs about ツ」4 aletter yet they charge ツ」30. the company i'm going through think i'll take about ツ」6000 home with me i'll take the bastards for every penny i can stay away there twats

Agree lloyds bank are crap and the staff are rude and unhelpfull.banked withnthem for over 20years,and have had 3 loans with them but due to employment circumstances are unable to pay monthly loan off in full i am makimg paart
payments at present. you then become involved with the happy smug employees at their numerous collections department,
one of many departments doing same job as far as ia am aware they have people in india and at least 4 officees doing
same job in uk.may be more i have only had todealwith 4 of them today,and 3 in india. end result of my 2 hour phone
call a big fat zero all i wanted was some information abouit my loan account but because i am behind with my payments
its become top secret. why: even resorted to phoning head office their suggestion to ring collections department.
do these smug condensending people not realise that if we the taxpayer had not bailed them out they may well have
found themselves inthe same situation as i am. i hope some of them are in line for redundancy . also cant wait
to claim back my ppi

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