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Solicitors can piss off as well

Just popped into my Solicitor to pay their ridiculous bill. I drew up outside and the receptionist said as I walked in - "I'm not sure you can park there, we only have one space and a partner might need it."

That's all right I'm a customer and so I'm more important than a Partner", I replied to which she came back with the obvious.

"But we might need it for someone who is disabled"

Oh yea, really...I was only there for five minutes to hand over a cheque for hundreds of pounds for things like "they checked to see whether a thirty year old warehouse on an industrial site had planning permission to be a warehouse". Ker-ching 350

Bastards the lot of them.


Some solicitor's receptionists are as bad as doctor receptionists. Little Hitlers.
Looking on the bright side, solicitors are also required to go through the money laundering ID bullshit!

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