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Moron payoff

The Times reports:

Piers Morgan has won a payoff of around 1.7 million in compensation for the loss of his job as editor of the Daily Mirror, the tabloid newspaper owned by Trinity Mirror, according to reports.

Lawyers for Mr Morgan, who was sacked in May after refusing to apologise for publishing photographs purporting to show British soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners, later exposed as fakes, are believed to have secured the payoff on Friday.

The news comes just days after Mr Morgan secured a record 1.2 million payment from publishers Ebury Press for his memoirs.

Mr Morgan was famously asked to leave the Mirror's offices at Canary Wharf in May without being given the opportunity to collect his jacket from his chair.

Nice reward for recklessly endangering British troops by being a lying fuckwit.


Memoires? 'My Life as a Smart arsed and smary git'? God, some people seem in come up smelling of roses no matter how long they spend living in cowdung.....

I think that the Queen's Lancashire Regiment should invite him to an open day...

AS in (on the .22 rifle range): Alright you cadets there!

Target to your front watch and shoot watch and shoot...

Heh. At least the photos of his bullet bloodied backside won't be fake.....

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