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Why Tony will love Kerry

Let us remember it isn't just Kerry who has memory problems:
Scotsman.com - Swallowing Tony and Co's blatant deceptions

The man who currently (but for how much longer?) controls the destiny of the United Kingdom is a stranger to truth. He always has been. It began with silly, pointless attempts to dramatise himself, of which the most notorious was his claim, in a wireless interview in 1997, to have watched his "teenage hero", Newcastle United football player Jackie Milburn, from a seat behind the goal at St James's Park. As football fans pointed out, Milburn left Newcastle when Blair was four years old and there were no seats behind the goals until the 1990s.

Then there was his confession - to Des O'Connor, who else? - of how he stowed away on an aircraft bound for the Bahamas, at Newcastle airport, when he was 14. No flight from Newcastle has ever gone to the Bahamas: in Blair's youth, the Isle of Man was as long-haul as it got. Blair is the most severe case of Münchhausen's Syndrome Without Proxy. The Scouse Spouse has also been infected by the fantasy virus. Without a trace of shame, Cherie chose a function run in aid of Centrepoint, a charity for the homeless, to relate how her husband had slept rough at Euston Station (actually for one night, during his ˜gap" year between Fettes and Oxford).
In Number 10, truth is not an objective fact, but a subjective ‘spin’, defined by what is ‘helpful’ to the Leader’s aspirations or prejudices ...


Politicians in Lying Bastards Shocker!

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