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Still a quagmire in occupied country

Transterrestrial Musings brilliantly points out:

Sixty years after Paris was seized by the "Allies," and the beginning of the American occupation, France remains a failed nation, mired in political corruption and beset by vast pockets of Muslim extremism and anti-semitism, into which the gendarmerie fear to tread. The economy continues to struggle under economic policies driven by failed ideologies, and many of its best and brightest continue to flow out of the country, with only ex-dictators and their families, and hysterical movie stars willing to move there.
Sadly, history has born out the predictions of those who, in the spring of 1944, warned against invading. Many had pointed out what a poor prospect the region was for any kind of democracy, with its long history of belligerence and arrogance, and failed republics....

Hat tip to The Cabarfeidh Pages


I think French failure goes back a lot further than 60 years. From a military perspective they haven't been able to hold their own since Napoleon. Economically, the nineteenth century was equally one of relative decline.
I wouldn't call France a completely failed nation though. Having been devasted by Germany/Allied invasion and years of Nazi occupation France did manage to rebuild itself. Having recieved considerably less marshal aid than Britain it nevertheless created an economy to rival it. Apart from our contrasting experiences of de-colonisation much of the post-war period could be described as French achievements and British failures. After all, hasn't the European Union more or less progressed as the french would have desired it.

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