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What would you do?

I updated my machine to XP service pack 2 yesterday, and it now is trying to protect me from harm: This warning came up this morning:

(Oh and I have some Gmail invites to give out if anyone needs one.)


Strangely, my dad rang me up to tell me that the same thing happened to him this morning (some obscene time, around 7). He didn't get a screen cap, though - thanks for the laugh! (Forwarding the link to him now!)

Also, I'd quite like a Gmail invitation. ;-)

Well Gmail would be very nice indeed ;-) Also as someone who has done their time on the Tech support front line I can believe people will be phoning up saying "I cant get on the internet" after rashly clicking keep blocking!

Definitely "Keep Blocking". I downloaded Firefox for my new browser. Works great.

Thanks for the Gmail invite - only played with it for 5 minutes and I already think its great!

Interesting site. If you still have g-mail invites, may I have one?

Gmail? mmmmm, please!
Almost as good as frumenty.

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