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Preparing for autumn

I was going to wax lyrical about my weekend, walking round the estate picking blackberries, apples and Damsons. I carried home 10 pounds of these wild plums, some will go into gin, others were used to make the Blessed Nigella's Damson Fool - 1lb Damson, sugars and a pint of Double Cream, yum. But Mr Free Market beat me to it and I don't want you to get the impression we walk hand in hand round the hedgerows. So I won't mention it. So today's recipe is Frumenty. We have been eating this in this part of England for at least four thousand years, but it was a first time for me.
I went down to the barn and "Tak clene whete & braye yt wel in a mortar tyl the holes gon of; seethe it til it breste in water. Nym it vp & lt it cole. Tak good broth & swete mylk of kyn or of almand & tempere it therwith. Nym yelkys of eyren rawe & saffroun & cast therto; salt it;lat it naught boyle after the eyren ben cast therinne. Messe it forth with venesoun or with fat motoun fresch".

I actually had it with Double Cream and Brown suger for breakfast. And very good it was too.


I downloaded the service pack, and several sleeping viri began ravaging my system. I ended up running a system restore to undo it all (start, all programs, accessories, system tools, system restore). I'm waiting for MS to refine it a bit before trying again.
See also http://www.neilturner.me.uk/2004/Mar/21/xp_service_pack_2_review.html
I'd appreciate a link from your blog to mine; I've added yours to my links. Always a good read at AEC.

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