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Crossing under the pond

Atlantic Tunnel will make life easier for those of us who like to cross but hate flying.....


Having been delayed 23 hours in Baltimore Airport this week it doesn't seem a bad idea - but on second thoughts - recall how much money the taxpayer had to put into the Channel Tunnel that was ultimately written off ... !

Yup, taxpayers will be the underwritters.
Having just watched a documentary about the Mont Blanc tunnel fire this weekend, I don't think I'll be going in any long tunnels anytime soon.

Hahaha! Thanks to the link to this gem, as well as the great GQ satire piece on '007 Bush' ... great laughs! I think this was my favourite part of the latter:

"Bush's [Andy Warhol] Factory mission was regarded as something of a mixed success. The FBI believed Bush may have gotten too close to his subjects. They were concerned when Cheney returned to the White House and wore blue-lensed sunglasses to a Defense Department meeting, held up a pen, and said, "It's a machine. It's a machine."

"On the other hand, Bush was able to provide valuable information about Warhol and the Velvets. He even recommended that the government consider exiling Lou Reed to Madagascar. "I don't get his singing," Bush wrote in a SUMS memo. "That's not singing. That's, like, talking. And besides, I think he likes guys."


Ok, I maybe one of the few able to say this...but um...I like flying actually, especially flying Premium Economy on Virgin. Can you imagine having to deal with the evil Cthulhu worshipping immigration officers lovely folks of HMG Immig after driving across the Atlantic?

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