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Big Gov only loves Big Co

INDIVIDUALS who try to flee the stress of urban life by "downshifting" and moving to the countryside could be the next target for the taxman.
The Government is drawing up plans to increase national insurance bills for people who leave employment to run small "lifestyle" businesses, The Times has learnt.

People who want to risk their own money, work all the hours they can, be in control of their own destiny are going to made out to be leeches on society. We don't fit with corporate nu-labour Britain. Bastards.


If the corporate "giants" like the Murdoch empire pay nothing in tax, "Chubby" Brown has to get his mitts on cash from somewhere. And as the small "lifestyle" business owner has no political clout he gets stuck with the bill.
Apologies to the real Chubby Brown who is funny in a good way!

If the big, politically influencial, players like the Murdoch empire pay next to nothing in tax. The small business owner with no political influence pays what?

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