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Dodge Reports

Dodgeblogium brings to us "A report in the Scotsman reveals that the deceitful bunch of Civil Servants who infest the MoD and their idiot Secretary of State for Defence are deceiving Parliament and the Nation. The Commanding Officers in Iraq have been trying to get extra troops to assist in the policing exercise in Southern Iraq, but the MoD has refused - because it would expose the fact that the latest Defence Review reductions will reduce those services below minimum operational requirements!

To make matters worse, the Senior Officers involved have been warned that their careers are on the line if they dare to speak out! The solution in Iraq is simple, according to the cretins in Whitehall - abandon the patrols and let the insurgents have control of the streets. No extra troops - no patrols, means no reported incidents involving the troops, means we can keep covering up the deceit of our “we can manage with fewer troops” charade.

The Scotsman's Key points
• MoD refuses reinforcements because of fears it will undermine case for cuts
• British forces reduce Basra patrols because of lack of manpower
• Iraqis in charge of security but UK forces expected to stay for some time

Key quote
"We can’t do anything without proper security and you can’t have that unless the proper number of troops are deployed" - Brigadier Alan Alstead


Its worth pointing out the even the demo battalion from the School of Infantry has had to be deployed to Iraq.

Even in April 1945, Hitler was training his soldiers - these days, were are not.

Perhaps we should send the "Barmy Army"?

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