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Filthy NHS hospitals part 887

Kim du Toit has commented better than I can on the stunning plan the NHS has to cut infections - wash their hands!.

For more details see: BBC NEWS | Health | Bedside gels 'to fight superbugs' and note they suggest it will take six months to organise. If a private company said "we know how to prevent hundreds of deaths in our factories but we have to order some wipes and it will take six months they would be up for Corporate Manslaughter quicker than Blunkett can unzip his fly. Can I suggest they try Stock # Q29-612626 from http://www.viking-direct.co.uk who promise sameday delivery.


And the worst thing is, one's hands don't even FEEL clean after using the alcohol gel. (Got some in every bathroom at the moment, as my mother had a trapezectomy recently so can't wash her hands.)

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