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Rabbit Clearance

My father, as a farmer, was plagued by Rabbits, when he bought his farm a couple of hundred acres of downland was unusable as grazing land, it belonged to the rabbits. Groups of farmers formed Rabbit Clearance Societies which employed a man to kill rabbits on a bounty system. One of his sayings was "Never employ the same man for more than two years" in this role. Why? because his job depended on there being rabbits and so he would (unconsciously) leave a few to breed. But if you get paid by the tail and you know the job isn't yours next year you clear them better. It is a classic case of the "Tragedy of the Commons", at least as far as the Bunnies were concerned. You too can now see this for yourself in the comfort of your own chair. Tragedy of the Bunnies.


A new video DVD has been released by a North East pest controller showing how effective the .22 rimfire rifle is when loaded with Winchester hollow point subsonic ammunition for rabbit control.
The rabbit control is being carried out on a private estate in the North East of England; the estate is heavily infested with rabbits, causing damage to the land by burrowing holes and eating grass that farm stock graze on, causing financial loss to the farmer.
The video is called “Totally .22” and shows over a hundred rabbits being culled.
Over the duration of the DVD (approx 50 mins) you will see rabbits being shot with a .22 and gutted using an unconventional method where no knife is used. The footage shows the rabbits being skinned and processed into pet food.
You will see the overall capability of a somewhat underestimated round.
The video is available online from www.sh-pc.co.uk in the DVD sales section.
Payment can be made online via the site or paypal payments can be sent to fieldsports@msn.com. Cheques are also accepted by prior arrangement.
The DVD costs £19.99 + postage and packing for all buyers outside the UK.

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