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A man of taste

Anthroblogogy - on the brink of civilization, or off the edge...

Guns, Ghurkas, and general good sense.


I have a lot of respect for the Ghurkas, the Nepalese, and also particularly the Sherpas. As a kid I got to meet Tenzing and Gombu, when we were up in Darjeeling and visited a class-graduation of the Hymalayan Mountaineering Institute. A Ghurka troop marched and piped the opening and closing ceremony.

Hi Tim! is the Anthrobloggy fairly neutral or more on your side of things?

By the way, hope all is well your way!

Good question! My main intent is to be as neutral and as humane as possible - but some things push my buttons. You'd have to read some of it to come to your own conclusions, and perhaps advise me!

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