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Tagging - a Geek review

The house journal of techies turns its attention to Blind Lemon Blunkett's latest hype.

Blunkett's satellite tagging: the tripe behind the hype | The Register

Today's announcement of the Home Office's satellite tracking pilot is a classic of its genre. As is the case with so many Blair government initiatives the earth was noisily promised in the run-up, and continued to be promised by government spokesmen this morning, but the pilot itself is so spectacularly modest, so largely low-tech, that it will provide little or no useful information about the viability of the "prison without bars" that David Blunkett will continue to dangle before our eyes through the upcoming election campaign.

Worth reading to get to the truth...


I'm concerned that the system is to be used to keep track of persistent offenders. That should be simple: "7.00 PM - he's in his cell." "8.00 PM - he's in his cell." "9.00 PM - he's in his cell."

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