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BBC balanced view

The BBC has a "balanced panel" of US Voters' views.
bbc.jpg Where the BBC gets its views from.
compare with the last election results:
If we agree that Florida was near enough a hung vote then we have four from Democrat States, one from Florida (hung) and one from Tennessee (Rep) (Al Gore's State he couldn't hold onto).


Ay Sir.....but please remember that the BBC is the organisation that on the Today programme (this morning) refered to members of Hamas as 'fighters' errrrrrrrrr, talk me through that one again please.

Agendas? Political agendas funded by TV Tax - I'd call them swine, but I know how much that might offend you!!

See ya on Saturday for 'Big Rifle Action' ...

Notice how they go nowhere NEAR Texas or any of the heartland states.

So transparent.

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