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Cynical Tony

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | 'It is an abuse of parliament' qotes several good points from other papers including this from The Daily Mail.

"Iraq is in the grip of anarchy. Our health and education services are... woefully inadequate. And constitutional reform remains a shambles. So what does Mr Blair do? Why, revive a ban on fox hunting... Time and again he has reached for anti-hunt legislation when his backbenchers get angry or cabinet members become bolshy... It speaks volumes that a decision to force through a measure that will affect many thousands of jobs is decided not on principle, but at the political convenience of the prime minister."


Sorry but I think you're on a loser here.

I agree with everything you've said about abuse of parliament, and with all those newspaper snippets you've linked to.

I bow to nobody in my defence of individual freedom, including the freedom to put on silly coats and gallop across the countryside in pointless pursuit of a fox. No, really, it's true.

But the fact remains that the vast majority of the British electorate don't give a stuff for principles, whether parliamentary or otherwise (if they did, they'd be up in arms about Europe, ID cards, and a few other things - are they? No. I rest my case.), and regard hunting as a toffs' sport. Well not really a sport at all - not played with a ball, you see - but a toffs' activity anyway. And who cares about toffs? In fact, if Tony wants to put the finger up to the Yahs, most people in suburban voting England will find it mildly amusing, to the extent that they care at all.

Blair is wrong, utterly wrong, evil, and dangerous on all sorts of counts; but he'll get away with this, and it will increase his vote. That's why he's doing it. A knave the man may be, but not a fool.

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