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I noted before how to an outsider the interesting thing about the Swift Boat story was how the Blogosphere argued and debated the claims and in the end the traditional media had to accept (to varying degrees) that the story had "legs". Without Blogs that story would never have happened. And again on the story of the newly revealed Bush memo's, asInstapundit.com - puts it there is an air of "blogger triumphalism". Through the collective wisdom of hundreds of people the documents have been analysed and claims made and tested. The end result is that there is very serious doubt about their veracity, backed by a huge body of evidence within a day of the story surfacing.

(This isn't a post about the politics involved, just a recognition as to the wheel of progress creaking forward another notch as "citizen journalists" prove their worth against the professionals.)


The BBC is as Isvestia and Pravda.

The Biased BBC are deceivers. Punish the Biased BBC. Terminate your TV license.

If 1 million like minded individuals did the same, Biased BBC would lose 100 million.

Now that is muscle!

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