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Keeping Cave

I'm keeping Cave as I nearly got caught this week writing this blog.

An old friend who slipped off to Spain a few years came back under the nose of the Excise men and we shared a few beers. On meeting the present Mrs Englishman he mentioned how thrilled he was to read An Englishmans Castle.

So a quick message for him - "For God's sake old man, you nearly dropped me in it. She thinks I spend all these hours on the computer looking at pornography or some other harmless pursuit; if she knew I was bleating on about life, the universe and everything she would get worried. She is a tofu eating, liberal teacher - can you imagine her reaction? As it is I think she believes Mr Free Market and I meet up for the vice that dare not speak its name rather than something unhealthy like going shooting. A man has to have some secrets from his wife after all.


I love your blog, Englishman!

That's the first thing I wanted to say. The second thing I wanted to say is this: please stop making me laugh! I particularly enjoyed this entry, Keeping Cave.

You know? I have a liberal hubby, God bless his cotton-pickin' heart. Other than that, he is a wonderful hubby. But, he would be devastated if he knew I scanned, surfed, and otherwise sponged information from the conservative blogosphere.

A person just has to have SOME secrets. So, I'm rather in the same dingy with you.

Keep it up and love ya!

Me and you both Tim!

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