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Tony pandering to the Greenies

I was struck dumb by the latest stupidity from Tony Blair and his sudden concern for "climate change" (note how they have dropped "global warming") .I was trying to work out what it was all really about, what subtle twists were involved in the policy and how I could write a cutting, insightful and incisive entry on it.. but Kim du Toit put it better first..

Note to Tony Fucking Blair:

Thanks and all for helping us out in Iraq -- but when it comes to environmental policy, stay the fuck away from us.

If only he would get the fuck away from me as well...


Labour is to kill sea birds who they blame for low fish stocks.

When Spaniards were given access to our fishing grounds, I thought they would empty our seas like they emptied their own.

Good thing we can blame sea birds, otherwise we would have to cull spanish fishermen.

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