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Violence never pays - or does it?

Those very naughty Countryside protesters who are having a bit of a barney in Westminster are being told that being "reasonable" and peaceful is the way to win - what lesson do they take from this little story then?


BELFAST (Reuters) - In 1973, Catholic guerrilla Gerry Kelly was part of a Northern Irish republican bombing team who attacked London's Old Bailey courthouse.
Ten years later, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) hard man led a mass breakout from Northern Ireland's Maze Prison, supposedly one of western Europe's most secure jails.
And if this week's talks on the future of Northern Ireland's stalled local government result in a new deal between rival Protestant and Catholic politicians, he just might become the province's minister for policing.


Punish Labour and Biased BBC.

Stop funding Socialist Propaganda. Terminate your TV license.

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