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Sacked again

Star's PR man takes sacking in his stride

GEOFF Baker from All Cannings, near Devizes, has taken his sacking as public relations man for pop superstar Sir Paul McCartney philosophically.

"The major problem was that Heather felt Geoff was a bad influence on Paul. She did not agree with the rock'n'roll lifestyle and she knew Geoff was always sneaking off for a spliff. She didn't want Paul to indulge in that sort of lifestyle."

Sorry - you marry Paul McCartney and you don't want him to indulge in a Rock and Roll lifestyle! What did you think he did for a living?


Not to be to pedantic, but McCartney was never a "rock star" -- pop star, yes, but the only time he ever did anything close to rock was when he accompanied John Lennon.

Anyway, wives have a tendency to get rid of one's friends whom they suspect are a Bad Lot -- mostly because wives can't bear to see their hubbies having a good time when they themselves are not involved.

I'm trying to locate Geoff Baker for a get to-gether "anti-reunion". It's coming up soon on May 27th, so I need to locate him soon! We saw a photo of him and it looks like him...
This "anti Reunion is being held in Etobicoke (Canada)and is just those who went to any high school in Etobicoke during the late 60's & early 70's.
My sister Judy and I used to fight like mad over him! Those were the good old days.....
The Still Crazy Barnett Girls!
Bev & Judy

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