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The Pigs have landed..

Two Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs arrived at The Castle yesterday - it has been a few years since I had them around so I'm deeply gruntled to have them back.
So combined with the new business (interviews on Local Radio kept me away from The Adam Smith Institute and lunch with Mr Free Market - my liver is grateful) blogging may be light. Contemplating the idiocacy of politicians, greens and Bogusmongers is less appealing when the alternative is go and give a sow a stroke behind the ears.

"The actual lines of a pig (I mean a really fat pig) are among the loveliest and most luxuriant in nature; the pig has the same great cureves, swift and yet heavy, which we see in rushing water and in rolling clouds."
G.K. Chesterton, in his 1920 book The Uses of Diversity."

Oh and they are due to farrow in the next month, weaners available for Christmas...


I got as far as the word "gruntled" and couldn't read the rest because of uncontrollable giggling.

Ever noted the similarities between yourself and the Earl of Blandings? In a "pig" sense, I mean...

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