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Hospital Help

My eldest boy is going into Hospital for a replacement cranioplasty on 20th October and will be in for four or five days. He is a fine young man of sixteen interested in Guns, Golf and Girls. Any readers who can suggest suitable reading matter or anything else to keep him amused would be doing me a favour. And I would like to get him a decent baseball hat as he will need one - again any suggestions?

The scary bit - his doctor has suggested that he takes his own cup and cutlery in as well as cleaning materials and also to keep a large box of antiseptic wipes by his bed and insist that anyone coming to examine him cleans their hands. I hope he has the balls to do so...


I've got one myself, you can also get them in Mossy Oak.
Delivery time is better than most UK companies seem to manage.

I am a Boston Red Sox fanatic and well as a Boston Red Sox evangelist. If you'll accept it, I'd be happy to send your son a Red Sox hat.

He'll be well prepared to celebrate a Sox World Series victory this October ; )

Here's to his full and speedy recovery.

Books to read? At 16 I found the McAuslan stories fabulous (still do as a matter of fact).
George MacDonald Fraser writing about his National Service days immediately after WWII. Extremely funny and sometimes very moving. "The General Danced at Dawn", "McAuslan in the Rough" and "The Sheikh and the Dustbin". All 5/6 quid paperbacks and the older two normally available at second hand bookshops. The biggest problem is that if you haven't yourself read them you'll insist on doing so before allowing him to get his mitts on them.

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