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Dean reminded me to check out the new contender for Googles crown, the Amazon owned A9 - so I tested it to see if it had class:
A9.com Search: englishman
Yes No.1!
Also it brought up some images - one of which I'm stealing right now for this blog.



So it's a Bren, right? Because the sights are offset to accomodate the magazine. At first I was thinking Lewis, but that was an earlier encounter. At least for damn sure it's not a stinkin' Chauchat - or else he would have no smile!

Not an MG at all.
Its an anti-tank rifle.
Specifically a "Rifle, Anti-Tank,.55in,Boys Mk1"

You are however correct about the offset sights
as the five round magazine fed from the top.

A Boys hey? Amazed he has the strength left to raise a smile, that's a big bugger.
I'm no gun history expert, but the bolt handle kinda gave away the game a little.

I stand corrected!

Thanks for pointing this out. Nifty tool.

This well-armed World War II version of what Rudyard Kipling would have called "Tommy Atkins" indeed is carrying something with more wallop than a Bren gun. Do you see the large, padded shoulder piece visible in the front of the photo? That was to keep Tommy's shoulder blade from getting smacked too heavily from the recoil of an anti-tank round.

As an old-timer (US Army 1953-1955, late Korean war period), I think the British soldiers, sailors and airmen of World War II were among the best of the lot. Considering the weight of war their country had to carry with a slim resource base, plus the fact that the UK and the British Commonwealth had to fight Hitler all by themselves from the fall of France until the invasion of Russia, and fought for liberty all across the face of the planet, the British peoples -- including the Scots and the Irish who fought with them -- have much to be proud of.

I am sorry you people haven't got the same rights to keep and use private firearms that we have in the United States. But it's your government and they are answerable solely to the people of your country.

In any case, may the Union Jack fly forever, for all that it has stood for.

Arnold Harris
Mount Horeb WI

That is indeed a powerful and large weapon. I saw a video on it recently. Not only did it use that rubber butt plate, but it had a buffer spring which the receiver and barrel forced back when fired (similar to a recoil operated machine gun, but without the bolt unlocking, etc...). Also, it had a fairly large muzzle brake on it. However, it still looked like it jostled the firer's brain a bit when fired. The cartridge looked to be even larger than the .50 BMG!

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