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Snippets from the Front

EU Referendum s always a good read - everyday it is like this....

...The immediate effect for the European Union, is a gradual stifling of all innovation and a loss of the most dynamic businessmen and entrepreneurs. Where do they go? USA if they can, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, wherever they feel their work will be appreciated and they will not be destroyed by so-called legislators who think entrepreneurship is something that can be defined and measured against definite benchmarks.

The supreme irony is that the EU is destroying something in which it could and ought to compete with the United States: business innovation. While it tries to stand up to America in foreign, defence and security matters, which is absurd, harmful and, in so far as it leads the EU to support bloodthirsty dictators and, even, terrorists, morally shameful, it also undermines its ability to compete in a healthy way and, perhaps, to win. And so the United States surges ahead, while we put together another structure and negotiate with another tin-pot dictator in the name of integration and anti-American parity....

Another post:
"two enduring myths about the benefits of the euro were quashed yesterday by influential reports claiming the single currency had not encouraged fiscal prudence or attracted extra investment".

And another:
If Chirac and Kofi Annan truly represented the face of international co-operation, then there would be a lot to be said for isolationism.


How true.

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