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Getting to work on Rural transport

The BBC has finally noticed that:"A car in the country is getting to be essential." but goes on to laud various alternatives including my local preposterous Wiggly Bus - (I am invited to the steering committee meetings of the Wiggly Bus. Last time I checked it was running around empty half the time and it would be cheaper and more environmentally friendly for the taxpayer to give every passenger a fiver to get a taxi).

They note the Govt has stumped up 50 million to launch a website to help us plan our journey. So always willing I went to it:

Transport Direct

I need to pop into work this morning so I said give me the options to get from my house to work, leaving at 7:00 this morning. It came up with four:
Method: Leaving time: arrival time: length of journey:

1. Walk, Bus 07:56 09:00 1 hour, 04 Min's
2. Walk, Bus 09:31 10:18 47 Min's
3. Walk, Bus 13:00 15:22 2 hours, 22 Min's
4. Car 07:00 07:19 19 Min's/6.1 Miles

My only quibble is that it takes about 10 minutes not 19 minutes to drive 6 miles - or even the 5.5 it actually measures the shortest way. - the bus journeys all involve changing buses. I think my case for the car is proven.


All I get is a "server error" I guess I'll be driving as well.

A bicycle might work out. Though the rain bit is annoying.

Horses work too.

Heck, it sounds like it might be faster to WALK than take the bus, especially if there are pedestrian shortcuts.

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