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Please copy and adapt this and send to your favourite old media outlet.

Wednesday, 29 September 2004

The Editor
The Daily Telegraph
By email

Dear Sir

May I remind your readers that according to Government Guidelines - available at: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/about/ethnic_group_statistics/downloads/ethnic_group_statistics.pdf people are free to "self-define" which ethnic group they belong to.
Quote "Is a person's ethnic group self-defined?
Yes. Membership of an ethnic group is something that is subjectively
meaningful to the person concerned, and this is the principal basis for ethnic categorisation in the United Kingdom."

And that "ethnic groups, however defined or measured, will tend to evolve depending upon social and political attitudes or developments".

And "an ethnic group would be defined as a community whose
heritage offers important characteristics in common between its
members and which makes them distinct from other communities.
There is a boundary, which separates 'us' from 'them', and the distinction would probably be recognised on both sides of that boundary."

I think it is obvious that traditional country people have a different "heritage" to the urban elite and the evidence is that there is a clear "them and us". We are our own Ethnic Minority, all we have to do is "self-define". So let me publicly self-define myself to be "Traditional English" and that "Traditional English" is a separate Ethnic Group to any other, including the majority "English".

Any insults, discrimination or attacks against the heritage of "Traditional English" is now covered by the Race Relation Acts etc. and I will expect the full protection of the Law.

Any reader who also feels they are a member of this Ethnic Minority and has suffered because of their membership should make their local police and authorities aware of the serious crime that has occurred against them.

Yours sincerely


This is all very politically correct.

You need to be careful though. There are a lot of people who get very hot and the collar at any sign of positive discrimination and your new ethnic group requires £billions in subsidy to enable it to keep going.

Then there’s the softly, softly approach the police take with countryside demonstrators. All that fuss about parliament square. The very worst injuries were described by the ambulance service as ‘minor cuts and bruises’, but how they whooped and wailed. Had they been football supporters the police would have given them a good kicking. (Like hunting that would have been fun, but wrong, of course.)

Stephen, No one mentioned farmers. What, then, do you mean by billions in subsidy? You seem to be attributing a characteristic to an 'ethnic minority' that has not been claimed by that minority. I think that you need to re-examine your stereotype.

You also seem to be attributing the police with a special characteristic of their own, ie if football supporters protest (that is the context) the police would give them a good kicking rather than a minor battering for their troubles.

Oh, and for the record, if a policeman gave me minor cuts and bruises for just being somewhere rather than actually involved in any trouble I would also 'whoop and wail'. Granted, some were involved in disorder, but not all those that were hurt were.

Fizz away.

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