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Pro Bono

The BBC has been fawning over Bono and his speech over the last couple of days - the latest installment is :
BBC NEWS | Politics | 'Get real' on Africa, urges Bono

His campaigning work - which he fits in alongside a busy rock career that sees his band release their 14th album in November - has led to calls from several quarters for him to be considered for a Nobel Prize for humanitarianism.

Yes, that would be from the sort of ignorant people who think there IS a "Nobel Prize for humanitarianism" - not a great advert really is it.

(I have often wondered why I love Irish music - even the Fenian bigots - the only band I have had no time for ever that has come from the Island is U2 - must be the smell of bullshit about them.)


I'd have a lot more time for celebrities who exhort the rest of us to give money to charity and the like if they weren't sitting on top of millions of pounds of their own. (It's why I could never stand Princess Di - she'd go out wearing 15,000 frocks and tell us to give our cash away.)

I realise that they're helping draw attention to good causes by using their status, but if Bono was that concerned, wouldn't he have given up his music career and entered the arena ofinternational politics by now, where he could actually make policies that would help the suffering?

(I still reckon The Joshua Tree was the only worthwhile thing U2 did, musically.)

If there was a Nobel prize for being a smug, up yourself tosser - I reckon Bonio would be in with a shout.
That said there was a fair bit of competition for that particular prize in that conference hall.

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