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No Taxation without representation"

Campaign for an English Parliament

"There is, they say, no need for an English Parliament. Well they would say that, at present Scots have:

- over 1000 per head per year more than the English in government spending
- a disproportionately large representation at Westminster.
- a predominance of Scottish and Welsh MPs in UK ministerial positions.
- their own parliament and executive up in Scotland
- no requirement to ratify Scottish legislation in the house of Lords
- no English representation in the Scottish Parliament or Executive
- imposed top-up fees on English students when their constituents do not have to pay them.
- imposed foundation hospitals on England when the Scottish Parliament has rejected them for Scotland."


Of course, we are taxed by the US in a connected world, with little or no comeback.

To paraphrase azeem:
"Wibble wibble hatstand giraffe begonia."

You could also add to your list the fact that the Scots have voted for free care for the elderly and that it was largely through Scottish MPs' votes that many defendants in England and Wales have lost the right to trial by jury.
The favourable position the Scots enjoy within the UK (especially as compared to the English) should be the cause of a national scandal. Why do we (the English) put up with it? I also have an uncomfortable feeling that worse is to come - just wait until we get PM Gordon Brown...

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