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The Disabled Industry.

BBC NEWS | UK | Government 'overlooking' disabled children

The quality of care for many of the UK's 49,000 severely disabled children is inadequate because too much money is spent on administration, according to a new report.

Regular readers will know that one of my daughters is disabled. At the age of four she provides employment for at least one full time equivalent in the caring services. She doesn't actually get that much help from them, or need it. But the files and assessment forms and meeting records fill up at an astounding rate. And of course the suggestion that anything can be done without professional help is incomprehensible.

A physio suggested that a grab handle by the back door would be helpful, her suggestion was that she contacted social services who would send out a "planner" who would then organise the work to be done through one of their specialist teams. My suggestion that I went and bought one for 9.99 from Focus and put it up myself was considered bizarre, because we could get it done for free. (Three months later we have just received her report where she raises the proposed handle and that she is going to "action" it.) Of course the one I put up is no longer being used as the Englishette has out grown it...


Are there no laws which mandate that a charity maintain the ratio of admin costs to payouts, within a certain limit, whereby "charities" that spend too much on themselves suffer penalties.
It's time to levy those same standards against Government, itself a charity that takes much and provides little apart from bureaucratic inflation. Mercy-hire jobs for the administratively deficient should not be the business of Government.

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